The number one priority is to ensure that our children and youth are safe to get the best public school education possible.

The role of a trustee is to be an essential part of the governance body of the school board.  Trustees should ensure that everything is set up to make the safe education of the children the biggest priority.  Trustees should oversee to ensure operations run properly and efficiently.

The teachers and staff in each school must have the resources they need to ensure that they have what they require to do their jobs safely and effectively.

The trustee is also responsible to the rate payer.   There is not an endless supply of tax dollars, so the school board must be fiscally prudent.

All four of my children have had an excellent education at this school board.  I am here to ensure that the next generation will continue to get excellent safe education.

My platform is designed to improve safety of all within the education system and improve governance and transparency for the community.  Key aspects:

  • Properly addressing incidents across the school board that reflect safety concerns including bullying, harassment, sexploitation and on-line cyber security issues. Did you know:
    • The province mandates risk management processes to be in place across all ministries, however, nothing currently exists that is as transparent as pandemic reporting was, in fact no reporting exists
    • School boards don’t have any technology currently to report, prevent or detect on line abuse including cyber bullying and harassment
  • Improving governance and accountability, in order to address safety and education requirements, incidents, actions and reporting from the schools through the school board to the Ministry and vice versa
  • Ensuring staff and educators in each school have the training and tools to keep students safe, nor just relying on a one-time on line course mandated by the Ministry
  • Having clear accountabilities for schools, students and parents, with a zero tolerance policy for addressing safety related incidents
  • Implementing school board supplied technology to create effective security and to monitor and address on-line cyber threats
  • Ensuring the school board leads in implementing effective governance and risk management