Why John?

I want your vote for change and based on the growth in Durham 10,000 other voters too.

I want schools to be safe community hubs for youth and children.

My background
  • First time candidate, so I come with no baggage!
  • Lived in Ajax since 1990
  • Volunteer in various community organizations focused on developing children including:
    • 10 years with local Scout group
    • 5 years as assistant coach in local soccer league
  • Previously course developer and lecturer for Toronto Metropolitan University’s Nonprofit Organization Management Certificate program
  • Developer and course instruction for over 10 years in business settings for risk management, accounting and audit
  • Professional consultant, CPA and auditor, expert in risk management, governance and mitigating security, cyber, fraud and other risks
  • Married to a Durham District School Board elementary school teacher
  • Raised 4 children who had an excellent education at this board – all went from kindergarten through grade 12, one has subsequently entered the teaching profession as a high school STEM teacher in another public board…and now I’m learning to be a grandparent twice in less than 12 months!

Why am I running?

  • The pandemic negatively impacted almost all children, youth and educators. School boards have a critical need to close the learning and development gaps that have resulted. We must change the thinking and execution.
  • I am running to make our children and youth safe in our school environments to ensure teachers and principals can provide the best possible education recognizing that each student is an individual with different dreams, aspirations and abilities
  • Changes are required including:
    • Supporting teachers and principals to confront and deal with bullying in its many forms
    • Implementing provincially mandated risk management requirements including monitoring, reporting, and reducing harassment and sexploitation
    • Providing tools and support to the educators in the schools to enhance safety
    • Re-empowering trustees effectively to hold the school board accountable, while being financially responsible to you, the rate payer!