Kids’ safety includes preserving the planet…

As Canada looks to meet its climate commitments to Net Zero, school boards have an important role to play to help schools achieve net zero – and frankly negative emissions is best.  Schools will need infrastructure investments and support from all 3 levels of government will be required.  The federal government had $51.75 million in funding available which expired March 31, 2022.  Did DDSB get any of that funding?

Beyond infrastructure it will require cultural change and support from the school board, educators, parents and yes students in many ways.  The time to start is now! So why is DDSB silent on what it is doing or has planned? 

The Catholic Board has already started.  The DDSB website has no updates since 2019 on this important topic.  Why?

There are lots of examples of school boards and schools moving forward.    Infrastructure changes include heat pumps, solar panels, etc.    Cultural change includes walking vs. driving to school, recycling, reduced waste, etc.  Lots more to talk about, stay tuned!

 I’ve included a few links if you want to learn more.

When elected this will be an important initiative I will spearhead. 






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