Kids’ safety includes preserving the planet through recycling…

Following the theme in the previous blog let’s reflect on the big and small changes to how school boards could operate schools to enhance safety, show environmental leadership and educate future generations on safe sustainable practices.  For example, some schools do have different bins in classrooms for different types of waste. 

School boards have not yet tackled how to move to a near zero waste footprint.  That starts with assessing the reasons why waste is produced at schools and engage students, educators and parents in the dialogue about what waste is, where waste comes from, how to reduce or eliminate waste. 

In elementary schools, in particular, there are many exciting opportunities to discover, teach and model responsibilities regarding our planet.  We can show children simple things that they and their family can do.

Here are three ways DDSB could adopt targets of 90%+ reduction in waste this year:

  • Require eco friendly meals to be provided at any event and during school days. This would mean pack lunches and snacks in reusable containers and eliminate food and especially packaging waste at the school.  Teachers and parents can model safe sustainable practices by using reusable water bottles, a zero waste lunch and snacks, having reusable cutlery and using a reusable mug for their tea/coffee.  For events, require vendors to use creative methods to serve food without creating packaging waste.
  • Require educators to use the tools they have to project lessons on screen and eliminate the vast majority of the photocopying and creation of booklets that once completed end up in recycling.  Think of the paper, ink, printer costs and time that could be saved, those savings preserve resources for future youth.
  • Schools can promote environmentally friendly ways of getting to and from school such as safely and responsibly walking, biking, or skateboarding.  Driving students to school should not be a daily event.  Contrary to popular belief walking to and from school is not always uphill!

All of the above are simple low/no cost ideas that safely educate students.  There are many other solutions too.  What’s important is starting now!

Unfortunately, again DDSB seems to be nowhere in addressing these items, yet the TDSB has embraced this, see:  

Lots more to talk about, stay tuned!

When elected this will be an important initiative I will spearhead. 


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