September 13, not a great day for DDSB…

…being named in a $3m civil lawsuit for sexual abuse of a student reflects very badly on DDSB – obviously its heartrending and horrific as reported by the CBC. I’ll let you follow along on your own – see links below.

I’m running to keep kids safe which includes good governance and DDSB still does not have transparent incident reporting (let’s call it – where’s the equivalent of Covid reporting), nor effective practices and tools to properly address it…only this school year is there a province wide initiative for educators to complete a 1 time on line training course focused on sexual abuse prevention, even though the province announced earlier this year it would “publicly disclose and make parents and guardians aware of educators that have been involved in sexual abuse and other serious criminal proceedings”. There’s way more to do here.

Sad day and sincere condolences to the victim, family and friends.

For news article by CBC:

For province Feb 8 release:

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