Tomorrow is the last day to vote!

…so please get out, use the phone or computer to vote.

I’m running for Durham District School Board Trustee in Ajax.

A few things you may not know about Ajax (hopefully those that live here know at least two!):

• Town named after HMS Ajax one of three british cruisers in WW2 that caused the Graf Spee to scuttle in South America in December 1939

• Town names road signs after the sailors from those british ships, hence Harwood Avenue and yes Ingold Lane (no relation)!

• Town has very restrictive election sign by law, simply put signs are not allowed unless on private property to face roads, which limits the sign explosions at intersections. This is very different from Pickering, Whitby or other parts of Durham!

However, on a last day canvassing journey across Rossland between Westney and Lakeridge on one side of the road I counted 22 candidate signs including a couple from the current mayor seeking re-election in areas clearly contravening the by-law.

I have three requests:

1. I hope the candidates will remove them

2. If not, I hope the Town will remove them and charge the candidates for the removal

3. I hope those candidates will recognize that law abiding citizens make great role models and they failed!

Naturally I hope to win and wish all candidates well…I won’t be voting for ANY of those who break the law – what would your kids think of you cheating?

Please vote and get your kids involved, explain why voting is important, what the roles are, educate them even on the candidates, ask them what is important to them.

Some will say safety, climate, education, technology, accountability, trust, law abiding, and governance. These are all important parts of my platform

Thanks to all my supporting team.

Happy to pick up rare vote for John Ingold lawn signs Tuesday morning – let me know!


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